Funghi Forest pizza

Our latest toppings!

We are moving to new premises at Unit 19, The Victoria Centre in Llandudno. We will be reopening early in 2024, with our core menu below, and additional seasonal specials.

  1. Focaccia
    Our signature product, handmade every day. Fresh simple ingredients make this an outstanding and versatile bread.
  2. Margherita
    A classic vegetarian topping originating from Naples. Homemade tomato sauce with mozzarella and basil.
  3. Pepperoni
    Italian pepperoni slices give this pizza topping a meaty, flavourful kick.
  4. Funghi Forest
    Thinly sliced potato and sage is topped with mushrooms cooked in garlic and thyme. Packed full of flavour this pizza also happens to be suitable for vegans.

If ordering in advance, please allow for at least 24 hours between ordering and receiving your pizza. Thank you.

(Image: Simple focaccia)

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