Billy holding a freshly made pandoro at Trancio

About your host

The cook

Billy Peedell is the face of Trancio. Born in the UK in 1995, but from the age of 10 months grew up in Northern Italy. He has always had a passion for food, and surrounded by Italian food culture he has adopted the Italian philosophy of focusing on simple food, done well. He takes pride in being able to produce an authentic style Roman Pizza that is healthy and tasty, baked fresh every day using fresh, quality ingredients, locally sourced where possible.

He invites you to enjoy his traditional favourites, but also to adventure into his interesting and daring flavour matches, they really do work!

The Process

The Trancio Pizza Dough is the result of much careful research into creating our pizza base. Made from Italian Caputo “Nuvola” flour. “Nuvola” means “Cloud”, which describes the texture of the Pizza crust – light and airy! The dough is left to rise for 18-24 hours to allow the air bubbles to grow, and is then cooked in special ovens to get that perfect stone baked crust.

This base is then topped with Trancio’s delicious mix of toppings and re-baked to perfection.

The Pizza menu will change according to season, and there will be specials and limited edition flavour combinations of different meats, cheeses and fresh vegetables. The classic Pizza Margherita will always be available and there will always be a vegetarian choice in the lineup.

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