Trancio’s artisan focaccia bread is our signature product. Hand made on the premises every day our focaccia is a flat leavened Italian style bread with a light, dimpled crust and an open, evenly aerated crumb.

Trancio artisan focaccia cubes

It can be served as an antipasto or starter, table bread, a snack, or as a base for a sandwich or pizza.

We use high quality, strong wheat flour from the Caputo Mill in Naples, where their slow grinding process preserves the starch in the wheat and authenticity of its flavours. The wheat flour is 100% made in Italy from green farms which ensures the traceability and quality of the raw materials, and pays attention to environmental sustainability.

Trancio artisan focaccia bread proving

Here at Trancio we combine the Caputo flour with 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil, Caputo yeast, pure Halen Môn Welsh sea salt and water. The dough is left to rise over 18-24 hours to allow the development of the air bubbles. It is then cooked at a high temperature in special ovens to get that perfectly stone-baked crust and crumb.

Trancio artisan focaccia bread, Llandudno

Our focaccia does not contain any chemicals or preservatives, sugars or sweeteners, dough conditioners, colourings or partially hydrogenated oil – all common additives in many commercial breads. We sell our focaccia as it comes out of the oven and it is also the basis of our Pizza slices and focaccia sandwiches, the ranges of which will be expanding as we grow into our new space in Unit 19 of the Victoria shopping centre, Llandudno.

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